Dewytree Bamboo Soothing Gel 

Being a Korean drama/K-pop fan, I’ve always loved using Korean cosmetics and skincare products! Some korean products are known for its cute and fancy packaging while some for its natural ingredients.

I’ve tried different brands already since I’m always in search for the best match to my oily and acne-prone skin. My usual and simple routine would be facial foam-toner-moisturizer. I also use masks whenever I get to order or buy stocks when I travel to Korea 😍

Just recently, I received this 97% Bamboo Soothing Gel from Dewytree. It was a perfect timing since I was running out of moisturizer and I’m still waiting to order from Korea. 

I instantly loved it due to its cute bamboo packaging. Another plus point for me is that it’s a  250ml bottle so it would last me a few months! 😂

Upon checking its description, it contains natural bamboo sap to keep moisture for the skin. It can also be used to hydrate and soothe irritated, sunburnt skin. 

So now its time to try it! After doing my usual cleanse and tone routine, I applied an ample amount to my whole face. I like how it smells relaxing, quite similar to the aloe gel I bought before. It was quite hot today when I went out for a jog so the gel felt cool on my skin. After a few minutes the gel got easily absorbed by my skin. My skin feels softer and it doesn’t have that sticky feeling I get from other moisturizers that I’ve tried. (Sorry! I couldn’t post a photo of my face since I look to tired today😴) 

Overall, I’m loving this soothing gel and I definitely recommend it. I hope it helps me get thru Manila’s summer hear haha 😊 Upon checking, this bamboo gel costs Php 319 and you can order thru their Facebook page Gotta check out their other products too! 


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