#nintravels: Summer Titas in Batangas 

From ‘Nenes’ to ‘Titas’ LOL, we now call ourselves titas since it’s been two years since we graduated and started #adulting. And it’s been years as well since we got together for a trip. 

And finally!!! After all those travel post taggings, group chat plannings and drawing moments 😂 and although our ‘sorority’ wasn’t complete, our weekend at Calatagan in Batangas was beyond fun and memorable ❤️

My college friends/orgmates and I have been planning this trip since last year (or last last year haha) From Batangas to Zambales to Laguna to Antipolo, we’ve been talking on how much we wanted to go to a beach/summer getaway due the heat and of course, to escape work 🙃 We were all game to go but nothing got materialized until last April. 

We finally pushed thru with a beach trip to Batangas since it’s just 3-4 hours away from the city. We started  looking for resorts online and I suggested we book Taltarni Guesthouse, the Airbnb listing of a friend-orgmate in Calatagan. 

It originally costs us around 6k pesos at that time but since it was owned by my friend, we were given additional discount (yaaay!! thank you Lord😁) We were 6 in the group so we paid less than 1k pesos each. Originally we were 8 but drawing friends are drawing so…hahaha 😜

Four of us (me, Ate Ema, Bela and Clarence) just rode public transpo to Catagan, taking the bus near MRT Taft at around 8am. There was no bus going straight to Calatagan so we had to go down at Lian. Bus ride (around 150 pesos per pax) took 3 hours and from there, we rode a jeep (40 pesos per pax) to Calatagan market which took around 30 mins. At Calatagan market, Donita and her family were waiting for us so we could join them in their van. (If you don’t have a car, it’s another tricycle ride to the guesthouse which will be around 300 pesos per ride. Also we just learned from the caretaker that there’s a van going straight to Calatagan huhu thought we could save via bus but we didn’t 😏)

It was a long, bumpy ride but it was all worth it! When we got to the place, we were so amazed by how huge and pretty it was! Taltarni is a hidden gem, a mini Santorini in Calatagan 💙 I hate comparing PH destinations to other countries but the blue and white colors of the place is like Santorini.

Taltarni Guesthouse is only a part of the whole property. There’s the main house which can accommodate up to 21 pax, the guesthouse which was perfect for a group of 6 like us and a smaller room for a couple. The caretakers also have their quarters inside the compound so we could ask for assistance anytime. The pool is located at the main house but we were able to use it since we were the only guests at that time. The whole place was literally ours!!! ☺️

After settling down, we had our late lunch and off we go to enjoy the pool😁😁😁 EJ later joined us at around 3pm since she had errands to attend to. 

We wanted to watch the sunset so we asked the caretaker if she can bring us to a nearby beach. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy that afternoon so we couldn’t tell if the sun has set already lol We just posed for more photos before we left. We also did the trending ‘Metro pose/siksikan challenge’ hahaha 

We went back to the guesthouse and cooked our dinner. Luckily we were able to buy rice, canned goods, etc. at Calatagan market so we had no problems with our food. After dinner, we wanted to swim again so our caretaker opened the pool lights/jacuzzi for us and it was really cool to see the lights turning from red to violet to green. Our night was filled with more music, selfies and laughter 😊😍

The next day, we had to wake up early since EJ had to report to work. We prepared breakfast before sending her off (tita-mommy duties lol) We took another nap and when we got up, the sun was already high (watching sunrise failed hahaha!) 

We just freshened up a bit and ate breakfast again. We went to Ronco Beach Resort, the one in front of our guesthouse to take more photos. The resort was nothing special except for its IG-worthy cottage stilts. 

We wanted to take more photos by the stilts but there were lots of catcallers around (BV!! 😑) so we went a bit farther to the rocky part  of the resort. 

We went back to the guesthouse to have one more dip before we prepare to check-out.

Our Tita-han vs. Hita-an poses 😂

We took turns in taking a shower and cooking lunch since we had to check-out by noon. Our caretaker helped us get a tricycle for 400 pesos since we were five sharing the ride. We took a few tita photos by the living room and bid our caretakers goodbye. The trike ride felt like forever and the wheels were on the brink of falling off. After 30 mins, we were dropped off at Calatagan Market and we took the bus straight back to Pasay. 

It was a much-needed weekend break for all of us and we can’t wait for our Dumaguete trip this coming August! 😊


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