My Fave Bingsu Places around Manila πŸ˜‹

It’s been raining since Friday but instead of a warm cup of latte, I’m suddenly craving for bingsu πŸ˜… (shaved ice/snow ice for some) Call me weird but I just missed my fave Korean dessert 🍨 

And so I am writing this blog of my top 3 Korean bingsu places in Manila. So get your eyes and tummies ready (your wallets too in case you’re near one of them lol) 

There’s a variety to choose from their menu but below are the flavors I’ve tried and definitely recommend! Go solo or share, it’s up to you πŸ˜‰

1. Cafe Seolhwa, Forum BGC 

Out of all the places I’ve tried, Cafe Seolhwa will always be my number one! I super love their Berry Cheese Bingsu because it has all my faves in it: strawberries, blueberries, almonds and cheesecakes! And I can say that their shaved ice is the closest to Seolbing, my favorite bingsu cafe in Korea 😍

I always go to their branch in BGC Forum but I also tried visiting their branch in Century City Mall once with my siblings. We got to try their Strawberry and Mango Bingsu which were also really good!

2. Jang Dabang Cafe, Ortigas Center

This is one of my most recent finds but I can say this is one the best too! I went to Jang Dabang Cafe with my work teammates since its just near our office. 

We ordered their Matcha Bingsu and it was super-duper good! The matcha ice cream, red beans, rice cakes, corn flakes and matcha wafers really went well together. Just look at how glorious it was 😭

3. Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe, Glorietta

I first tried Hobing with my thesis partner after feasting on Korean meat buffet. We ordered their Choco Bingsu since we wanted to go with a safe flavor (lol) but it turned out to be yummy too! 

I also got to visit their branch in Megamall with my cousin where we tried their Berry Berry Cheese Bingsu! The contents are very similar to that of Cafe Seolhwa but I think their shaved ice is not as fine. Anyway a plus point of Hobing would be its good selection of Korean songs and music videos playing while we were there 😁


If you’re feeling Japanese, you would want to try Ikigai Kakigori Cafe in Tomas Morato for their heavenly Matcha Kakigori πŸ’š

Then if you’re into Taiwanese, you can go to Snow Creme in Maginhawa. Of course I chose their Matcha Snow Ice 😊

If you happen to know other bingsu places, feel free to recommend! I would love try them all πŸ˜‹


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